Kid Rock Found Out On Twitter The Hard Way: Don’t Ever Come For Taylor Swift!

Kid Rock- Twitter

Because of the sheer irrelevance of the haggard, mushed-face, past his prime “rocker” who is the subject of this story, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Ok well, not so sweet. You see, yesterday Kid Rock came for my girl Taylor Swift with a vile and sexist Tweet. It seems that the has-been hitmaker is really taking his role as Trump Minion to a whole new level by attacking Tay Tay’s forway into the Hollywood film world with the following filthy tweet:

Screen Shot Kid Rock – Twitter

I suppose he’s mocking Taylor about her big film debut in the animated musical, “Cats.” Look, for all intents and purposes, the initial trailer for the film looked terrifying, like it could easily have been re-edited and renamed, “It Part 2.” I mean, it seems like a well-meaning film, and I’m sure it will do well. However, thus far from what I’ve seen, JHud, Jason Derulo and Taylor Swift looked really weird in that first commercial! I have seen more recent trailers though and not as creepy, so I remain hopeful.

With that said, Kid Rock was still way outta line with that nasty comment about Swift, and it was most likely just driven by jealousy in the first place. Let’s consider first, while Kid Rock is running around barely booking shows at backyard Klan family reunions, where his compensation is paid in unlimited beer and 3 burgers, Taylor Swift was named by Forbes magazine as the highest-paid celebrity of 2019. She also snatched up that title 2016.

So of course Kid Rock is mad. While Swift is performing world-wide at sold-out concert venues, Kid Rock (who needed to change that name to Adult Rock, like 20 years ago) is barely booking the local Chilli cook-offs in the Hillbilly Hills of America. He should be happy Trump won that election in 2016 because that inauguration performance was Kid’s first real tangible gig in ages.

Kid Rock – Donald Trump Golfing – Twitter

Look, jealously is not new and unfortunately, neither is the open sense of male privilege when it comes to misogyny. That is our culture of toxic, hyper-masculinity. It is so prevalent, Kid Rock felt it was ok to Tweet something like that about a woman – and completely unprovoked. What makes it especially egregious though, is Kid Rock himself was put on blast years ago for a song he released that seemed to glorify sex with an underage girl. That’s called rape and it’s nothing to sing about in any glorified manner.

Check out Kid’s clear admission of loving jailbait below:

Twitter was having none of Kid Rock’s foolishness and they let him know quickly and severely. Taylor herself didn’t even have to respond.

Here are a few of my favorite clapbacks:

– Twitter responses to Kid Rock.
Twitter responses to Kid Rock.

At the end of the day, Kid Rock has every right to criticize Taylor Swift’s music if he doesn’t like it, but his Tweet and its sexual connotation were unacceptable. His behavior s showed his utter disregard for women but it comes as no surprise as Kid Rock continues to support a president who was caught on tape, proudly boasting about grabbing women by their genitalia.

Many people were calling for a boycott of Kid Rock’s music but the way I see it there’s no need. I mean nobody has cassette players anymore anyway.



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4 thoughts on “Kid Rock Found Out On Twitter The Hard Way: Don’t Ever Come For Taylor Swift!”

  1. Anyone who does a video like she did for wrecking ball and the twerking was so nasty parents had to cover their children’s eyes has no self respect

  2. Kid Rock Rocks!!! Thank Fod he isn’t a snowflake! Thank God he is a Trump supporter! I’m sick of these Hollyweirdo Democrats!

  3. T Swift is a psychiatric mess…she writes non-flatting songs about ex-lovers…ias a gay male agree….shes trying to get into movies…she does not care…who she offends or steps over

    • that doesn’t excuse the nasty, derogatory comments by Kid Rock. Who gives a shit if she gets Into movies (considering it’s a musical for god sake)? He doesn’t have to watch it, and neither do you, troll.


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