Kim Cattrall Claims She Was ‘Never Friends’ With Her Sex and the City Costars

Kim Cattrall might have an issue with "foot in mouth" syndrome, as she has pretty much gone on a month long war against the series and movies that made her famous, Sex and the City.  


The blame has pretty much been put on her, as of recent, for why the third film isn't being made, even though they were set to start filming within days of the cancelation announcement.

Now Kim is digging the hole in this even further, after appearing on ITV's Piers Morgan Live, where the actress said that she and her costars were 'never friends.'  Not sure if this is shocking at this point.

We’ve never been friends,” Kim said. “We’ve been colleagues and in some way, it’s a very healthy place to be.

She was also asked about those rumors that her demands led for Warner end Sex and the City 3, saying "I never asked for any money.  I never asked for any projects, to be thought of as some kind of diva is absolutely ridiculous.

Earlier this month, she admitted that the relationships she had on the show with the other women were toxic.  So, what's the real truth here, Kim? 

3 thoughts on “Kim Cattrall Claims She Was ‘Never Friends’ With Her Sex and the City Costars”

  1. How to in the hell does the

    How to in the hell does the writer see never friends only colleagues as the opposite of "the relationship was toxic"?   … The first one seems like a polite version of the second. 

    I don't get like people are portraying Kim badly… She probably doesn't want to look foolish playing a 61 year old woman talking about her exciting sex life with every man in town.  

    I still think they should replace her with a gay man

    • because gay 61 year old mean

      because gay 61 year old mean have exciting sex lives but 61 year old straight women don’t? no, that’s disgusting.

      you’re literally asking them to further project the stereotype that gay men have loose morals and sleep around, which i personally find very offensive and incorrect.

      poor choice of words…

      • Or‚Ķmaybe he’s furthering the

        Or…maybe he's furthering the stereotype that women over 60 don't have much sex, which would be equally poor form.


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