Kim Cattrall Leads An All Star Queer Cast Living The ‘Glamorous’ Life

What can be better than a beautiful sunny spring Friday in NYC? The weekend is here, hotties are out in droves wearing super short shorts and my to-watch list of television shows is overflowing with great new series to stream. Seemed like there was a drought of things to watch a few weeks ago, but not now. We have multiple shows dropping weekly. All Stars 8, The Other Two, Somebody Somewhere, Queen Charlotte, Firefly Lane (I am still not recovered – “firefly lane girls forever!”), Ted Lasso, Queer Eye. Too many show too little time.


One show that has just skyrocketed to the top of my list is the upcoming Glamorous on Netflix. Starring queer fave Kim Catrall, gurl has been busy lately with two high-profile series this last year. The Sex and the City actress appeared on the one-and-done canceled Queer as Folk reboot. She also stars as the titular mom telling the story of How I Met Your Father on Hulu. But Kim Cattrall is merely one fantabulous reason to watch this possibly queerest show ever. First the synopsis, according to Netflix,

“a drama revolving around Marco Mejia (Benny), a gender non-conforming high school graduate who lands the gig of a lifetime interning at a cosmetics company whose products he panned on YouTube. Madolyn Addison, CEO, entrepreneur and founder of Glamorous Cosmetics and former supermodel, built one of the top cosmetic companies in the world from the ground up. However, something’s happening of late. The company isn’t just slipping, it’s plummeting – like it’s being sabotaged from the inside. Not about to let that happen, Madolyn hires Marco right out of high school to be her summer intern. She has a plan – she wants him to be her eyes and ears, to make friends – and find out what’s going on behind her back, to discover “what they’re hiding and what they’re stealing.” In exchange, she’ll teach Marco everything she knows – but she warns him – “This business isn’t all glitter and glamour and neither is life.”


Obviously, our beloved Samantha Jones is playing Madolyn Addison, in a role that sounds tailor-made for her. In addition to the Mannequin actress, the cast is stacked with queer powerhouse performers. Starring as Marco is YouTube sensation Ben J. Pierce, better known as Miss Benny. The 24-year-old singer previously was seen on the Fuller House reboot and Craig of the Creek. Netflix previously reported on cast additions – and literally, three of these new additions are three of my faves EVER!!! –

“Strutting alongside Kim Cattrall and Miss Benny in the new drama are Damian Terriquez (All Rise) and Kaleb Horn (The Hardy Boys, The Kid Detective) as recurring characters. Also joining the ensemble as guest stars are *Matt Rogers (I Love That for You, Fire Island), *Joel Kim Booster (Fire Island, Loot), Aldrin Bundoc (Schitt’s Creek, The Boys), Brock Ciarlelli (Bros, The Middle), *Monét X Change (winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 7, RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 4), Priyanka (winner of Canada’s Drag Race) and drag performers Charlene Incarnate (featured in Wig), Serena Tea and Chiquitita.”



The series has taken the long way around with a previously filmed version starring Brooke Shields scrapped. The show executive produced by Damon Wayans also stars Fire Island hunk Zane Phillips. Glamorous is the perfect word to describe this cast! The ten-episode series premieres this June, like 11 days away, June. 

Looks like my watch list just got a little longer.

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