Kim Cattrall’s Response to Cynthia Nixon’s Political Run Seemed Off

Looks as if Kim Cattrall may be shading yet another Sex and the City costar, as if Sarah Jessica Parker didn't get enough of it at the beginning of last month.

Cynthia Nixon, who famously played Miranda Hobbes on the hit HBO show, has decided to take her career in a different path as she announced Monday that she's running against current incumbent Mario Cuomo for the role of Governor of New York

Her decision to make this big of a leap has been controversial to say the least, with several people sending her support whereas others are skeptical of her political journey given her background is primarily in acting.  Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte York-Goldenblatt alongside Cynthia on SATC, sent her well wishes about this life-changing decision and has consistently tweeted her support since word broke out that she's running.

Kim, who didn't initiate an original tweet about Cynthia running, only discussed the issue as a social media follower asked her about Cynthia's major political goal.  This was her response:

Some saw her response as very professional, whereas others read it as straight out shade.  "Helen Keller couldn’t miss that dig ! Assy not classy !" one user said.  She hasn't said anything else since then.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who famously played Carrie Bradshaw on SATC, hasn't spoken out yet about Cynthia's run, however things look to be going A-OK for the two of them based on this recent photo from February:

What are your thoughts on Kim's tweet, was it supportive… or shady?


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