Kim Davis Might Owe $220,000 to Gay Couples After Friday’s Verdict

Photo credit: Carter County Detention Center

This is only ending this week? What a throwback!

Disgraced, 56-year-old former county clerk Kim Davis had her day in court on Friday, March 18, and the honorable Judge David Bunning did not rule in her favor. Davis made headlines in 2015 for denying two same sex couples the right to a marriage license due to her religious beliefs. At the time, gay marriage was already legal in the state of Kentucky and in all of The United States. Though she remained steadfast in her “morals,” the court outcome yesterday ruled that she was truly unjust.


Despite the defendant arguing that she had God’s authority to deny marriage licenses as well as the First Amendment of Free Exercise of Religion, Judge David Bunning decided that homely Kim Davis could not use her rights to violate the rights of others. 

A statement obtained by Rolling Stone reads: “Defendant Davis violated Plaintiffs’ constitutional right to marry by refusing to issue them marriage licenses, either personally or through the policy she established for the Rowan County Clerk’s office.”

Not only did Davis lose reelection for county clerk of Rowan, Kentucky in 2018, but she was also held in contempt of court and jailed for 5 days because of these legal proceedings. But, oh, it gets so much better! Judge David Bunning is currently deciding whether Davis is responsible for both plaintiffs’ legal fees, court costs and attorney fees. The sum of which amounts to an estimated $220,000.

Hello, garnished wages! 


Although married couples David Ermold & David Moore and James Yates & Will Smith have enjoyed happy lives together, I salute them for continuing this fight for the last 7 years. Leading by example, they are proving to a generation of younger gay kids that you SHOULD fight for your freedom and we are all deserving of liberty, love and happiness. 

Just one more decision and Ermold, Moore, Yates and Smith can put this whole unfair situation behind them. Congratulations, gentlemen! It was worth the wait and let freedom ring, mother fuckers!

Sources: Rolling Stone, USA Today, The Guardian 

4 thoughts on “Kim Davis Might Owe $220,000 to Gay Couples After Friday’s Verdict”

  1. It is sad that there are still “public servants” in this country with the same mindset as this pitiful woman. She either does not know the law, or she misunderstands it completely, thinking that her beliefs, religious or otherwise, allow her to foist them upon anyone else she comes in contact with.
    Unfortunately, she probably cannot (or will not) come up with the financial restitution ordered by this judge, which will only lead to further unnecessary burden for anyone involved. Further, she probably has not learned a single thing from this episode, so greatly entrenched into her selfish beliefs. Had she followed the greatest commandment: “Do under others as you would have others do unto you” then none of this nonsense would have happened in the first place.

  2. Her PERSONAL RELIGIOUS beliefs entitled her to deny the license. But unfortunately, she is NOT an individual issuing the license. Davis was an agent of the state and as such her personal beliefs are immaterial (and this is exactly why we demand a separation of church and state in this country). If she were private owner of her own company “Marriage Licenses by Kimmy,” then fine, she can deny people all she wants (and for any couple who DOES do business with her, she’ll gladly throw in a FREE plastic dashboard crucifix ), but that’s NOT the case. She had no right, religious or otherwise, to deny the marriage license. May her wages be garnished forever. Guess she’s not going to get that cosmetic and fashion makeover that she so desperately needs…


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