Kim Kardashian May Have Just Called Tyson Beckford Gay

Media mogul Kim Kardashian may have just called the biggest male supermodel in the world, Tyson Beckford, gay. You be the judge though.


Tyson commented about Kim's current body on social media Tuesday, when he wrote “Sorry, I don’t care for it personally.” as well as "She is not real. The doctor f**ked up on her right hip." The latter statement included a sick face emoji.

Kim, who is known for having several beefs with other celebrities including Taylor Swift and Chloe Grace Moretz, responded with the following:

"Sis, we all know why you don't care for it." That was followed with a cup of tea, frog and a painting nails emoji. Hmm… was she referencing his sexuality because of this?

He may have caught onto the backlash from what he said based on how different some of his social media accounts look.


His Instagram, which used to be chock full of a variety of photos, has now been whittled down to only six posts (as of Tuesday night). Two are videos of him using a gun, two are selfies, one is a paid sponsorship and another is a photo of the late comedian Richard Pryor with the quote:

"Before you complain about anything on my page… ask yourself, did I ask you to follow me mother f***er." He captioned the post with "FACTS!"

So maybe this is his way of telling people (who all of a sudden have an opinion on the matter), to leave him alone? 


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  1. Yawn! Why do the Kartrashians

    Yawn! Why do the Kartrashians get so much press?  They go to the toilet and it's news. They're not important, contribute nothing to the environment except litter from tossed away newspapers carrying stories about them. If they did something like fight against 45 about something they had strong conviction about and won, that would be news, but name-calling?  Is their mentality that of a middle school kid? They don't need attention!


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