Kim Petras Has A Message For Her Fans-The ‘Future Starts Now’

From the moment Kim Petras performed the single ‘Future Starts Now’ at Lolapalooza to a massive crowd of adoring fans, it was clear that this single was going to be a dance floor scorcher. As it drops officially today (the first single off of Petras’ debut album), it is clear that the single that Rolling Stone described as “a Daft Punk remix of Dua Lipa” is going to be that late-summer anthem we wanted and that instant earworm that we have come to expect from one of pop music’s brightest names.

Written during lockdown, ‘Future Starts Now’ kicks off with an electronica-type vibe, quickly dropping into a throbbing and bass-heavy (and immediately infectious) chorus. With lyrics dripping with positivity and living in the moment, Petras delivers the message that “you’re more than just anybody” wrapped in the absolute perfect pop package. If ‘Future Starts Now” (available here) is any indication of what her upcoming debut album is going to hold in terms of material, get ready for Kim Petras to bring 2021 to a close with a perfectly curated package of pop hits. 


As an added bonus, loyal Kim Petras stans are having their summer extended a little bit when it comes to getting their fill of the pop princess. Petras is hitting the world famous Stone Pony in Asbury Park, N.J. for their AP Pride Party. Along with her divine musical collaborator Alex Chapman, the madcap and madly talented drag performer Pissi Myles, and East Coast DJ Carl Michaels, Petras is bringing her own patented brand off Pride to Asbury Park, long known to be a vacation destination for the LGBTQ community. 

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