“King Cobra” Star Garrett Clayton Bulges Out In New Instagram Pic

We all got to know Garrett Clayton for his star-turning performance in the movie "King Cobra" which was based on the trials and tribulations of porn star Brent Corrigan.  Heck, even his mother was played by Alicia Silverstone, so clearly there were reasons to watch that film.

The adorable actor, who also took part in Hairspray! Live last year, took to Instagram to show off his "umbrella".  By umbrella, I mean a literal one but also the one that is bulging out of his pants.


The caption reads "Just another day in the office. If that office is a trailer full of clothes (that I'm wearing none of) and I'm only in underwear in the scene. O! This is an umbrella, I thought it would be a nice touch in this pic."

Smart move, Garrett, smart move. And nice "snake", while we are at it.  Thanks for giving us a boost as we start our nice weekend.  

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