Kit Connor and Joe Locke Share a Sweet Moment as Men of the Year

‘Heartstopper’ stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor were awarded at GQ’s 25th annual Men of the Year, and they were introduced by none other than ‘Normal People’ actor Paul Mescal.


“I thought I was young and cool but apparently I’m not anymore. There’s some new brilliant, brilliant actors on the block, and it’s my huge honor to introduce these gentlemen. Joe and Kit were thrown into the limelight with Heartstopper, which we all fucking loved, right? It’s a huge honor for me to get to do this – you should be incredibly proud of what you’ve achieved and being the talented men that you are,” Mescal stated.

Connor was the first one who took over the mic expressing,

“The fact that Paul has just introduced us is insane to me, literally over the last year I don’t know how many times I watched Normal People, it changed my life. I was crying in my bedroom constantly.”


Meanwhile, Locke’s speech was quite touching, as he expressed:

“This is the most insane moment of my life. This time two years ago, I was sat in my bedroom in the Isle of Man thinking I was going to study law, and now I’m here.”

The 19-year-old Manx actor continued by sharing how important ‘Heartstopper’ is for him stating,


Heartstopper meant so much to us personally, and so much to a lot more people in the world than we thought it would, and it’s been so great to have been a part of a show that’s meant so much to people who felt they haven’t seen themselves on screen.”

(c) Twitter: @MTV

Locke then concluded with a sweet shout-out to his co-star Connor expressing,

“It’s been the craziest year, and I can’t think of anyone better to have shared it with than Kit.”


And now we move on to see the two stars in their dashing suits…

Here’s what Twitter has to say about Locke and Connor’s stunning Men of the Year looks:




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