Kit Connor Responds on Twitter Regarding Queerbaiting Allegations

‘Heartstopper’ star Kit Connor was recently accused of queerbaiting after he was reportedly seen and filmed holding hands with ‘A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow’ co-star Maia Reficco in Paris.

The video was posted online, and supposed fans started accusing him of queerbaiting, which he addressed on Twitter by deciding to delete his account saying,


“this is a silly silly app. bit bored of it now, deleting twitter :)”

Prior to deleting his account amidst queerbaiting allegations, the 18-year-old English actor previously tweeted that some people on Twitter “know my sexuality better than I do…” And despite the accusations, a lot of people have also come to his defense on the social media platform.

One tweet stated:

“Let’s clear some things up. Just stop. Kit hasn’t explicitly come out about his sexuality, so he’s the only person who knows about his sexuality yk (and maybe friends and family). But this idea of trying to cancel people for “queerbaiting” without evidence… is insane.”


Another one tweeted:

“It’s so sad that some our community have decided that anything short of screaming your sexuality from the rooftops is tantamount to queer baiting. If I was Kit Connor I wouldn’t come out either. He’s not exactly been welcomed with open arms.”

Connor is famously known for playing the role of Nick Nelson in Netflix’s LGBTQ+ romantic comedy series ‘Heartstopper.’

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  1. I get he’s young but I don’t think being in the public eye like he is will make the questions go away. A trio of gays (me & some friends) were recently talking about the gaybaiters in music & movies. Basically we are over it, we feel like if they are truly straight just say you’re an ally, it’s messed up to play with out gay emotions by gaybaiting.


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