Kit Williamson Is Giving Us A Queer Fantasy TV Show

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A queer novel series is getting a tv series adaption!

The Valdmar literary universe, created by Mercedes Lackey, has been picked up by Jumanji producer Radar Pictures, according to Deadline. While the book series is made up of 58 books and took over 30 years, the show’s first season will be adapted from the Last Herald-Mage trilogy. This includes Magic’s Pawn, which first published in 1989, Magic’s Price and Magic’s Promise.


The Last Herald-Mage trilogy centers around an openly gay protagonist named Vanyel. Vanyel is the abused son of a noble. Feeling lost, Vanyel is saved when he is chosen by the companion Yfandes. Companions like Yfandes are magical horse-like beings that give magic to their Chosen. Vanyel then finds love before losing it and nearly his life. He then goes on a journey with Yfandes and his aunt, Herald Savil, to search for healing and training. Along the way, Vanyel becomes one of the most powerful Herald Mages in history.

Leading the retelling of this long-arching story for tv is EastSiders creator Kit Williamson. He’ll be joined by author Brittany Cavallaro of the Charlotte Holmes series. The two bonded over the Last Herald Mage series in boarding school and are working together as writers and producers to bring it to the small screen. The series will also be executive produced by Ted Field, the founder of Interscope Records which in turn founded Radar Pictures.


“Vanyel in The Last Herald Mage series was one of the first gay characters I encountered, and as a recently out 16-year-old I can’t stress enough the impact that these books had on me. The Valdemar series was far ahead of its time in the portrayal of LGBTQ characters, and Lackey’s writing afforded them a level of depth and complexity that is still very rare, especially in genre storytelling,” said Williamson to Deadline.

“It’s an absolute dream to be adapting the Valdemar books alongside Radar Pictures and Kit Williamson. Twenty years ago, Kit and I became friends at boarding school, and bonded over our love for Mercedes Lackey’s work, and we’re so excited to begin the process of bringing it to the screen,” Cavallaro added.

So far, the project has only been greenlit for production. There is no word yet on when and where this show might appear.

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