KJ Apa and Rob Raco Share a Hot LipLock on ‘Riverdale’

I’ve heard of Riverdale, but I’ve never seen it. I don’t know what the hell it’s about. That Cole Sprouse is awfully cute. Don’t he and Daisy Ridley kind of look alike?


To prepare for this article, I watched a thirty-second promo for what I think is the upcoming episode of Riverdale. It features a gay kiss that’s kind of hot.

According to my sources, the kiss is between Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) and Joaquin DeSantos (Rob Raco). It lasts for about 0.025 seconds in the promo, but it was hot overall and I enjoyed looking at it.

So what the hell is this show about? It looks like it’s for teens? It looks like it’s about some kind of heist? And someone is holding a boxing match in an empty swimming pool? And there is time-travel?

Whatever. Watch two hot young men kiss in the promo below.

Do you know what the hell Riverdale is about? Should I watch it, or just check out GIFS of man-on-man action on the internet? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Riverdale is a good show. It

    Riverdale is a good show. It's about the gang from Archie comics, but it is not for teens. There is crime, murder and mayhem in the town of Riverdale. I doubt anything will come of a kiss between Apa and Joaquin, but enjoy. Most dudes would like to kiss K.J. Apa. (P.S., no time travel….yet).


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