KJ Apa Bares His Bum On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ — Watch

Credit: Ellen Show Instagram

Oh KJ Apa, you truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

The Riverdale star, who has been making all kinds of people sweat over the past couple of years due to his charm and handsome looks, gave them another reason to act all thirsty thanks to his revealing appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


KJ, 22, appeared on Monday’s episode where Ellen first shared a birthday video that he gave her that showed him in his most natural state. And by natural state, we mean completely naked outside his hotel room. 

The video starts with just him talking into the camera with only his face showing. Things then switch gears for the NSFW when he pans the camera to the left to reveal that he was in fact in his own birthday suit where his butt was cleverly covered up by a peach emoji. Hehe.

Ellen’s audience naturally went wild while KJ awkwardly giggled in embarrassment. There was even some excited daddies happily cheering after seeing the footage. Not sure if they were encouraged to clap along with everyone else, but… yay daddies!



“I need to tan my a**,” KJ confessed. “I have a really white a**.” The CW hunk also admitted that he was “gutted” that they blurred his behind out. We are too, man. We are too. He was later scared by someone dressed up as his Archie character from Riverdale, but, honestly, who really cares about that. 


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