Know All Of Britney’s Songs? Here’s Some You May Not Have Heard Before.

When at concerts, we die for the new songs, the older hits, and maybe a slow ballad that never really hit it off on the radio.  We hear the newest music from stars after it has been filtered, remixed, buffered, and cut.  And that new music may be far and few between.  While some artists pump out a new album every year, our Britney Spears has only released 9 studio albums with an additional 2 greatest hits since her debut at 16 years of age.  We've heard what we've been fed.  So what haven't we heard from Britney? 


Even before internet file-sharing became a thing, Britney demos and unreleased tracks were being shared among fans on forums. Since then, literally hundreds of rare Britney songs have made their way onto the web.

With some of the tracks you can understand why they never made the cut, but some offer a glimpse into what could have been for the musical icon and we've picked out 9 of our criminally overlooked favourites… –



Are you the biggest Brit Brit fan?  DO you know everything she has released AND not released?  The staff over at have found 9 non-released songs from Ms. Spears. Here are two that I enjoyed.



Britney Spears​ – Strangest Love HQ ( Master )



'Strangest Love' is a sort of cousin to 'Everytime' in that it taps into that dreamy and feathery production that makes both songs so enchanting. Dealing with themes of loneliness, loss and love, it's testament to the emotion that Britney can convey with the smallest of vocal shifts. Giving the song a listen now, it would have still made a great addition to Brit's most recent album, Glory.  –



Britney Spears – Unbroken Full HQ



Post-Blackout, the quantity of Britney rarities begins to thin out. However, 'Unbroken', which is taken from the Femme Fatale sessions, is a pulsing drum-and-bass-influenced track that offers shades of that rockier element that Britney keeps threatening to reveal. Fear not, however, as it's only a flicker and then Brit's vocal returns with lashings of vocoder and studio magic. This could have easily been a Femme Fatale bonus track and we'd never be any the wiser.


Would one of these two make it on the radio? 

What about one of the other seven over at

Was it good that she didn't release them?




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