Kodi James Is Taking Us To Queer Prom In New MV


Kodi James is looking sexy, sultry, and sensation in his latest music video.

Prom can be a crazy, fun, and chaotic time for a high school. But for queer teens of the past few decades, prom was yet another reminder of us being different from “the norm.” But imagine if we could go back? How would we experience prom differently if we knew that stuff we knew today? That’s a message Kodi James tries, and succeeds, to deliver in the new music video for “On Your Mind.”

In the video, we see James glammed up in ‘80s-esque affair with friends and colleagues around him, including RuPaul’s Drag Race star Soju, singer-actor-YouTuber Miss Benny and more. The group enjoy all the pleasures of a queer-tastic ‘80s prom, including getting dressed up, smoking in the bathroom, finding dance partners, and getting into a classic, and totally realistic, food fight.

“This release is so special to me because of the cast of queer excellence that came together to make it happen and because I was able to realize the fantasy of the queer prom I had always dreamt of,” James recently told Billboard about the new song and video. “Having grown up in such a far-right household as a pastor’s kid, it feels a bit surreal to create the content we’ve created — it would have had such an impact on me as a child to see this level of queer representation and to know that I wasn’t alone. And that’s my goal: to create music and visuals that starts a conversation and ultimately brings folks together.”

Source: Billboard

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