Kristen Bell sticks to her Wintry theme and sings an awesome new Christmas song!

Yes, I know.  It's not even Thanksgiving and we are talking about Christmas songs.  Well this one is too cute and too good to not mention right now.


What does Kristen Bell do to follow up her role in Disney's Frozen?  She sticks with her wintry theme and hits it out of the park with what I think, no, I know will be one of my new favorites to play during the holiday season.

Bell joins up with the a capella group Straight No Chaser to give us a new up beat holiday song that incorporates our love of texting, lol's, and brb's.  When I first saw the title, Text Me Merry Christmas, I thought it was going to be a sappy, quirky little song that I would listen to just one time.  I've already played it three times this morning and love the cute little lyric video posted below.  It reminds me of all the Christmases with the family back home up in Maine where it seemed text messages would go through much better than cell phone calls would.  I always told friends, just text me, or call my mother's landline.  It made me very happy waking up to those simple little texts on Christmas morning from friends.  It only took a couple of seconds out of their holiday celebration to give me a little wish and some love, but it would mean a great deal to me. 

Have a look today if you wish.  Or if you are a stickler and need to wait until after Turkey day or until December 1st, bookmark this and come back to it.  Give it a try like I did and you may find yourself humming it all season long. 



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