Kyle Bornheimer Offers Sean Hayes His Crotch in ‘Will & Grace’ Blooper!

Even though it's still January, Will & Grace officially wrapped up it's 9th season overall (1st in the reboot) yesterday.  

Fear not, my fellow W&G lovers, as there are still plenty of episodes on this season to go (two of which feature the return of Jennifer Lopez)!  

The reboot has left us in stitches from the hilarity this program continues to bring, and in a new blooper released on the W&G Twitter page, it looks like the hilariousness knows no ending during a scene between Jack (Sean Hayes) and his FBI cutie friend played by Kyle Bornheimer.

In the scene, Jack talks about opening a Greek restaurant named Jack Galifianakis, but demonstrates how he ran into issues in front of investors due to a pulled groin, or… crotch.  The director of the scene stops him, to which Sean says "I can't grab my crotch like that, OK."  Kyle then says "You can grab my crotch like that!"

Giggity!  Check out the clip below.

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