Kylie Glistens At The Royal Albert Hall And So Does Her Supporting Staff.

When it comes to Kylie Minogue, we are not as fortunate here in the United States.  Over on this side of the pond, we can't get to see Kylie that often, but when we do, she doesn't disappoint.

We're going to definitely look into tickets to her show at the Royal Albert Hall since it now seems like a Christmas Tradition with her doing it for the first time last year and two shows this year.

It's the only Christmas song of Kylie's many of us may know, but after seeing the video below, I know it a heck of a lot better.  And it's all due to those freakin hot back up dancers of hers.  well, it's a good song, too.  Kylie hires some of the most talented and sexy men to be beside her and we don't mind one bit. They help her get it up to "100 Degrees" at the Royal Albert Hall.  Okay, maybe they helped us get it up, too.




All love aside of the skin and the sweat and the gyrating and the lack of clothing, Kylie doe put on a great show herself. After all, without her voice, it would be just a trip to the club. 

And Kylie didn't sing all Christmas / Holiday songs, for the full set list see the end of this post.  It was a good mix of The best of … and holiday songs. 

We have to thank YouTube user Marty Bender and we need to become friends with him since most of the quality videos we found of the performance were from his channel.  Are you going next year Marty?  Can we tag along?

This next song is either Marty's or someone's around him favorite song, "Better the Devil You Know."  Kylie did bring some star power out during her performances,  For this song, she brought out LGBTer himself Olly Alexander from the group Years & Years. We see as Marty pans around that there's a lot of family in the crowd. After "Better The Devil You Know," Kylie jumps into a nice gay anthem that lit the crowd up with the spirit.  Yes, it wasn't a holiday song exacty, but it was about celebrating.  She and her dancers make it work.


We must make it there next year.  Is it sold out already?

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It seems that both Kylie and Olly loved the disco ball.

What do you think?