Kylie Minogue’s Current Success Shatters Music Industry’s Sexism

In an era when program directors worldwide ridiculously deem female recording artists irrelevant after age 35, Kylie Minogue’s global hit “Padam” is a triumph. It’s a symbol of defiance for female recording artists of a particular generation who are often rejected by radio as over-the-hill. In 2023, “Padam” easily earned the title of “Song of the Summer” — a coveted accolade usually reserved for the latest pubescent pop tarts forced down our ear holes by the recording industry.


“Padam” may appear to be just a song, but it’s more. It is a testament to the fact that age really is just a number, talent knows no bounds, and women are still badasses over the age of 50.

For decades, the music industry has been plagued by the idea that female artists have a shelf life and that meritless belief has been unleashed onto global music consumers. It’s hard to fathom that some young program directors today are so chauvinistic, they truly believe female music acts have an expiration date, like milk. 

Case in point, Madonna. Some of her most extraordinary later work, namely on the Rebel Heart album, was wholly rejected by national FM radio — not because of the music, but because of her age. The powers that be decided she was too old; reportedly. And a few years ago, stations were directed not to play any new Madonna albums on the air, or any females in their late 30s. 


This is a grossly unfair and sexist position perpetuated by the industry for far too long. However, Kylie’s “Padam” has shattered this myth into a million pieces.

“Padam” was initially ignored by all the major BBC youth market radio stations in the UK, but a buzz about the song caught on like wildfire thanks to super fun “Padam” memes and dance challenges on TikTok.


The popularity of “Padam” transcended social media and became a significant radio hit. At 55 years (and a breast cancer survivor), Kylie landed in the UK Top 10, peaking at number 8 and reached #26 on the official singles chart. It was the biggest-selling single of the week and her highest-charting single since 2014. It became a Top 40 radio hit in Australia, charted in France, Italy, and Spain. Thus, as an artist Kylie also entered the US pop charts again — the first time in over 20 years.

Kylie Minogue is still going strong and showing no signs of slowing down. She is a true icon in the world of music, and her latest hit has ignited a worldwide tour in which she wowed crowds earlier this summer in New York City.

The global enthusiasm for “Padam” is a triumph for Kylie, for all mature female artists, and for any woman who has been told she is too old for this or that. It should be about the music, the talent or skill —not someone’s birth certificate. Imagine all the fantastic songs the world would have missed out on over the decades if radio refused to play females over 35.

Kylie Minogue (screen capture)

At 40 years old, Tina Turner’s brilliant debut solo album Private Dancer would have flopped without radio support. How about then 60-year-old Shirley Bassey’s tremendous hit “History Repeating” with The Propeller Heads? And Cher’s celestial masterpiece “Believe,” which topped the global charts when she was 52! Today’s sexist ageism in radio would have deprived the world of some of the most fantastic pop music ever recorded.

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Kylie Minogue’s “Padam” is more than a song. It’s an inspiration to us all and reminds us that “younger” doesn’t always mean “better,” and to never give in to the idea that we devalue as we get older. Some of our most significant accomplishments may happen later in life, so when you jam to “Padam,” remember that.

Our dreams, talents, and ambitions don’t expire, and Kylie is the perfect example of our most significant accomplishments sometimes coming later in life, so never give up on your dreams. Riding on the success of “Padam,” Kylie just announced a highly anticipated new Las Vegas show residency. Seriously, this girl —well, mature woman, is on fire! And it’s a lesson to all of us.


Just as the fabulous media personality Bevy Smith told me once on the red carpet, “Corey, don’t ever get caught up in thinking it’s too late; remember, it gets greater later!”

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  1. when you were 20 did you ever want to take the clothes off a 55yo? me neither. but now im seeing a 55yo in a new light, its yes please.

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  3. Even better, it kept on climbing in the UK, peaking at number 8; I don’t think any of us Kylie fans were expecting this kind of singles chart success again but it was wonderful to see!


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