Kylie Minogue’s New Video Makes Us Think Of Death, Dancing, & Dolly Parton

Are you the gay in your group that is THE Kylie Minogue fan? There seems to be one in every clan that loves Kylie more than life itself.  Hi Russ/Rufus!

If you have one of those in your gaggle of gays, I am sure you have heard Kylie's new song Dancing.  The chorus is "When I go out, I wanna go our dancing."  Is she mentioning going out for the night or going out of this life.  It's what every you want to have it, but there is a little bit of a darker side to it.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show had the chance to do an interview with the wonderful Minogue about this song nd the whole album

Kylie Minogue is back! Chris gets the exclusive story behind her new single


Listen to his interview here:




So after all that, we think it's time to watch Dancing.



Does this song scream an awesome remake by Dolly Parton very soon!?!  We think so.

Kylie, as always, thanks for being amazing as always. But let's not have line dancing be the death of you!

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