Kylie Sonique Love Drops Some Collab-Heavy New Music

From the moment she was announced as part of the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6, fans were anxious to see what Kylie Sonique Love would bring to the competition, especially since we have not seen her truly compete on the Drag Race main stage since Season 2 (she did appear on the endlessly entertaining RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular in 2018). What we have seen though, is a competitor who has grown in a multitude of ways, resulting in this powerhouse performer rising to the Top 5 of this season’s extremely fierce competition.

One of the standout challenges on every Drag Race season is ‘Snatch Game’, and All Stars 6 has repackaged it as ‘Snatch Game Of Love’ (think of The Dating Game with the queens portraying their favorite stars). This year, Sonique wisely channeled her inner country girl (the performer is originally from Albany, GA) to portray the iconic Dolly Parton, complete with big hair, equally big double entendres, and a quick song to bachelor Cheyenne Jackson (that she played on her acrylic nails)! She has brilliantly followed up her epic Parton performance with the throbbing single ‘Do It Like Dolly’, which reflects her adoration for the American treasure known as Dolly Parton.


With Creative Direction from John Duff & Directed by Brad Hammer (and written by Duff and Love themselves), Love recreates some of Parton’s most iconic looks down to the smallest details. Recreating a scene from the iconic film 9 to 5 with Aurora Sexton & Ra’Jah O’Hara (and John Duff as the irascible Mr. Hart), Love shows that like the performer who inspired the infectious anthem, she is truly a multi-faceted performer. 

While ‘Do It Like Dolly’ might have been an homage to a cultural icon, Love partnered up with Cazwell for the intergalactic homage to…all things ‘Gooey’. Brad Hammer is once again in the Director chair and (sponsored by Cheap Undies), and in this video production (the full video can be seen here) Ms. Sonique Love gives big hair Barbarella style as she and Cazwell endlessly tease each other alongside alien go-go boys in a cheeky and sensual space-age production.

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