L.A. Queer Community Looking for Attacker

Attacks on our LGBTQ+ community occur daily, but it is especially difficult when these occur in queer spaces that are intended to be havens and sanctuary for LGBTQ+ people. One recent attack occurred in Downtown L.A.’s Precinct, a space that the community has longed to return to during pandemic shutdowns. Now the queer community in Los Angeles needs help identifying someone who physically assaulted a club goer at Precinct in the late hours of July 16.

Nube Cruz was out for a night with friends for the Sugar Tank, a night of performances with Symone and Gigi Goode from RuPaul’s Drag Race. During a performance intermission, a random person punched Cruz in the face, launching them to the floor and causing a sprained ankle.

Nonbinary advocate Addison Rose Vincent shared the details of the alleged attack on Instagram:


I never do this but I need y’all’s help with identifying someone. Last night, this person (in the picture) randomly punched my friend – a nonbinary Latine person – on the dance floor at Precinct in DTLA. My friend was just dancing with our group when suddenly this person punched them in the face. It wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t a mistake…this person was unprovoked, looked at my friend angrily, and intentionally punched them in the face. My friend fell on the floor and in the process their ankle was sprained. This person was immediately kicked out of Precinct, but we don’t know this person’s name or info and my friend now has medical issues to address. We need your help in identifying this person so we can explore accountability. Please share widely and message me directly if you have info on this person!

The friend Vincent refers to is Cruz, who is now hospitalized with non-fatal injuries, but has suffered a concussion. Vincent shared with Instinct that their husband was also hit by the assailant. The person of interest appeared to be intoxicated and was not at Precinct alone the night of the alleged assault. The assailant was immediately ushered out of the club and the bar provided ice for Cruz’ sprained ankle, but no medical assistance was called on site.

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No other information is known about the person of interest, but the victim and their circle of friends are relying on the community to help identify the attacker so Cruz may press charges. There is no indication that this was a hate crime.


Precinct has not responded to a request for comment on this situation.

If you know who this person is, please contact Addison Rose Vincent as soon as possible.

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Take care of yourselves and your community, folks!

Source: Addison Rose Vincent


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