“L” Opens The Door For Gender Non-Binary People In New Film

A part of the LGBT community that has yet to be represented that well in the media are people who are genderfluid.  The term for this is basically denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a fixed gender.  With the progression of our community being part of the mainstream media, its about time that people who identify as genderfluid have their input as well.  The movie L could be its first step into the television and digital world.

The movie centers around Will, a cis-gendered, straight, white, male marketing strategist in San Francisco who forms an unlikely friendship with his new roommate Lenny (or Lena, or just “L”) who happens to be genderfluid. They become roommates after Will's ex-girlfriend Amy leaves him and his apartment, and he needs a second person there to help with the bills.  That's when L comes in.

In a scene from the movie that they released on their Kickstarter (you can see all the information here), Will comes home from work one night and hears L in the other room.  He gets closer to realize that L is wearing a dress, different from how he saw L in the first place, and its not just a dress but his ex girlfriend's dress.  That is when L explains that they are genderfluid,  Even though Will claims to have a ton of gay friends (it is San Francisco) and is tolerant of trans people, he doesn't know anything about genderfluid invidivuals and decides to open up to the idea of learning more.

According to filmmaker Max Landwirth, the two characters will embark on a series of wild and frequently embarrassing adventures, all while discovering the need for mutual respect for one another.  It is also poised to be the first feature film to have a gender non-binary character played by a gender non-binary actor in a leading role.

This is a project that from the looks of it needs to be seen by our community and beyond so that we can all have a better understanding of genderfluidity.  L is currently in a massive Kickstarter campaign, and could use any bit of assistance.  The link to that is here.  

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