LA Subway Rider Punched For Calling Man F** & N Word


First and foremost, Instinct Magazine does not promote violence of any kind. But the below video of a man defending himself from a homophobic heckler does incite some respect.

Not much is known about the context of the scene displayed below. It appears that a man is sitting next to a stranger while taking the subway in Los Angeles. As Twitter users have pieced together, it seems that the man dropped or lost something of his. In the process of searching for it, he might have touched the stranger’s bag. This then, apparently, initiated her racist and homophobic rant.

The video then begins. At the start, we see the woman cursing out the man as he sits silently. She complains of the man touching her stuff while he searches under his seat. The woman calls the man f****t and the n-word while berating him. She then pokes his head while he’s turned away. This results in the man turning around and hitting her on the nose. He then yells, “Don’t put your hands on me. I just told you, don’t touch me.”

After the hit, the man starts to pace up and down the train while the woman threatens to kill him. Unfortunately, that’s when the video cuts out.

There’s currently no word on who these two people are and what happened after that video. But the video reminds of a viral video from last month. In that video, a teenage boy was recorded slapping his bully after being called a f****t.

Again, Instinct Magazine does not promote violence of any kind. But, with so much news of gay people being attacked, discriminated against, or outright killed, there is a certain satisfaction with seeing homophobes getting punished for their hate.

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4 thoughts on “LA Subway Rider Punched For Calling Man F** & N Word”

  1. I’ve have kept her in suspense — first, calling her a fat c-nt, then pausing … and punching her in the face for good measure.

    Having two pendulous blobs of fat on the chest shouldn’t exempt a person from living in the real world.

  2. I think she thought that she could get away with what she was doing because she is a woman. Wrong! Good for him in this instance. Personally, though, I’d have given her very loud verbal volleys and moved away. I’d have given her back verbally more than she was giving out.


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