Lady Gaga Gives Aspiring Artist A Loving Surprise

Lada Gaga surprising fan Brandon Galaz with the help of Allure. / Screenshot via YouTube @Allure

This video of Lady Gaga surprising an aspiring cosmetologist will make your day.

We’ve seen plenty of videos where celebrities meet, greet, and treat fans to wonderful moments of joy and gratitude. But this following video should also be appreciated.


Lady Gaga recently introduced a Haus Laboratories Makeup line and participated in a publicity blitz for the products. Being the ally and LGBTQ-friendly celebrity that she is, Gaga invited aspiring cosmetologist and gay fan Brandon Galaz to work with her makeup artist Sara Tanno.

Then, Galaz got a major surprise when Gaga visited the two while in session. But it looks like the rising professional came prepared just in case he got to meet the singer and actress. Galaz pulled out a letter he wrote for Lady Gaga and read it to her in person.

“You’re my role model,” he read. “I am unsure if I’d have the courage to accept and be who I am today without the acceptance and peace I have found in your music and life story.”

Overjoyed by his message, Gaga responded with:


“I just want to say that letter that you wrote is why I do what I do. Thank you for sharing that. It’s so vulnerable, so honest, so real. That’s not easy, what you did. You just changed a lot of people’s lives. When they see this, they’ll be less afraid.”

Watch the full moment below.

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