Lambasted recently over half of a quote while on French TV, does Jean-Claude Van Damme get a “One of the Best Butts of All Time” birthday wish from you?

Let's just get this out of the way first.  When thinking about posting something on Jean-Claude Van Damme, we remember that earlier this year, Van Damme caught a ton of backlash for some tasteless remarks about gay marriage on French TV. Many spun the chat with just sharing the first part of his speech, but left out the second part where he said, “I have a lot of friends who are gay. If they want to get married, that’s OK. … But the question is, if all the boys marry each another and all the women marry each other, how are we going to have children?”

For one, I find his comments more 58 years old and out-of-touch than venomous and hateful, as many spun them. And goodness knows I can detach enough to fully appreciate the man's glorious, glorious ass.

Ok, let's look at some cake.  Celebrating his 58th birthday, we look at all the times we have drooled over the action star as he has one of the best bodies in movie history.

Born in Belgium, the actor, martial artist, producer, writer and director is best known for genre hits like Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Universal Soldier, and the delightfully awful Street Fighter.

Van Damme appeared in The Expendables 2 and lent his voice to the second and third Kung Fu Panda films.

For JCVD’s birthday, we’re festively taking a look back at the best scenes of him in his birthday suit, notably, dat ass.

Yes, “The Muscles from Brussels,” very much a sex symbol particularly in his heyday, has given us some of the best bare butt scenes in movie history. Here are just a few:

From Lionheart

From Universal Soldier

And from Bloodsport

Michelangelo who? Step up your game, da Vinci! That butt is a masterpiece! Jeez.

Can you look past Van Damme’s tasteless remarks about gays enough to appreciate this beautiful butt, or do you just think he’s an ass?

For even more naked JCVD, go to MenAZNude.

h/t: NME 

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