Lana Del Rey & Jack Donoghue Are An “Unexpected Power Couple”

Endlessly breathy vocalist and crafter of stunning lyrics, Lana Del Rey has an established and loyal LGBTQ fanbase, but little is commonly known about her romantic life. Now, it looks like Del Rey is having anything but “Summertime Sadness” as she just seemed to go Instagram-official with her new beau, Jack Donoghue. Donoghue is part of the band Salem (called the “bad boy band”) with an acquaintance of Donoghue telling Daily Mail that “They seem really into each other. I mean, she’s made pretty clear in her music she likes bad boys with tattoos, Jack is that to the Nth level,” and going on to say “They’re like this unexpected power couple of dark, twisted Americana”.


This is not Donoghue’s first foray into dating a public persona. Donoghue was alleged to be dating Hole frontwoman Courtney Love over a decade ago (via the New York Daily News). He followed up with the Daily Mail letting them know that they only “went to dinner”. One of his most surprising romantic entanglements comes courtesy of Salem bandmate John Holland. Holland talked extensively to BUTT Magazine and after proclaiming Donoghue to be “the hottest person I’ve ever met” indicated that what made him hot was that he “has, like, big lips and he has the body of a man and the face of a boy” (and that Donoghue is without doubt, a top). Holland claimed he’s “hooked up a few times” with Donoghue, but ultimately a relationship did not come to fruition. “He has this weird thing where he’s, like, ‘I’m not attracted to people I respect”. “You know Dopey in Snow White? He’s into that kind of person”.

Bi-phobic internet trolls immediately responded, with comments like “Still weird that he has videos of him kissing random guys on his page even though he’s in a relationship, unless it’s an open one” being posted on Twitter. When PopCrave posted the news of the budding new relationship on Twitter, one Twitter user responded by saying “I just know he’d call me a f*ggot”. In response, another user says, “He is one”. Not only do people seem to be under the misguided impression that kissing a man invalidates someone’s relationship with a woman completely, bisexual people unfortunately still find themselves as victims of open discrimination.


Thankfully, these comments were the minority and Del Rey and Donoghue found plenty of comments praising their both their relationship & Donoghue as a whole. One of them said “i like how people are pretending jack donoghue is just some random dude and not the pioneer of an entire music genre, close friend of julia fox, and midwestern HUNK…he is a catch and they were (are) perfect together”!

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