Lansbury Sings Us Back To Our Gay Childhood w/ ‘Beauty an the Beast’ Anniversary Performance.

Where were you 25 years ago?  Well, I was a not so confused gay boy "dating my high school sweetheart" who happened to be a female.  I knew I wasn't in love.  Was it a beard? Was it me thinking I could change? No, it was me hanging out with someone that liked the same things I did, loved her family, too.  Of course I did not clue her in on my sexuality, but liking "Beauty and the Beast" as much as I did should have clued her in.

Twenty five years later, I'm still gay, the girlfriend is long gone, still love "Beauty and the Beast" and can sing all the songs down to the gasps and probably recite all the dialogue. Gayer than gay?  Nah, just a Disney kid still.

If "Beauty and the Beast" was part of your growing up, you'll love this clip from yesterday's fun.

It's a tale as old as time. And at the 25th anniversary screening of Disney's Beauty and the Beast in New York on Sunday, Angela Lansbury surprised audiences with a tune as old as song.

The 90-year-old actress – who voiced the role of Mrs. Potts in the 1991 animated film – appeared on stage at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall and sang the title song live for the first time in over two decades. –





Accompanied by the movie's composer Alan Menken, Lansbury was pitch perfect in the song – even ending with a rendition of Potts' signature sendoff to her animated son, Chip.

"Run along again to the cupboard, Chip," she said to the audience's applause. "Night love." –


I knew I was gay long before "Beauty and the Beast" came along, but it did help me get my Gay Card laminated and stamped.  And sorry Danielle for me remaining a Gold Star Gay.



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