Larry David Snubs Laverne Cox

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In The Latest Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode, Cox Manages To Get Torches Lit Against David

Please admit you’ve watched at least one episode of HBO’s long-running series, Curb Your Enthusiasm. The show stars Seinfeld creator, Larry David, as an exaggerated version of himself as he lives his life as a retired writer in Los Angeles. The storylines, which are mostly improvised, tend to revolve around David’s reactions to the people in his life who he believes are not acting accordingly… it never turns out well and there’s almost always someone yelling at him or reprimanding him for his ridiculous, but misunderstood nature. The series has ran since December 2000, but has taken yearly or extended breaks intermittently. Now, airing it’s tenth season, David is finding himself wrapped up in a feverish #MeToo situation after his assistant and a waitress claim he was sexually harassing them – but it’s of course just a big misunderstanding. It doesn’t help his case when David is accused of parading around town with his best friend Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin) who keeps getting confused for Harvey Weinstein.


In yesterday’s episode, David is forced to give a donation to a charity for female survivors of rape and harassment and make a speech to the women for their bravery for coming forward. He only agreed to this so his (former) assistant would drop her lawsuit. The host of the event is the ever fabulous (and actually-theatrically talented) Laverne Cox. While you might not consider Cox a comedy actress, because well she isn’t, you don’t necessarily have to be a comedic genius when you’re a Curb guest star – because the characters play off of David’s neurotic personality. Cox nails her role as a the do-gooder host of the conference and gets to throw in some shade at the same time.

In their first ever meetup, Cox refuses to shake David’s hands because she has a cold. Fair. She is skeptical about lying to her audience claiming that David is a “renaissance man” (his words) and deflects some ignorant, complicated statements made about the transgender community. Still, she pushes through and compliments him being a heterosexual Caucasian man who is helping women – there should be more like him. Well, that kind of takes a turn for the worst. Upon introducing him to their audience, Cox fails to give David the ass kissing he requested. Instead, she leans in for an actual hug and kiss – but he aggressively flails and backs away from her. This doesn’t sit well with the crowd of progressive women who begin to scream insults at him and throw literal fruit at him as he tries to explain that he doesn’t want to get “sick” from Cox. Again, the laughs in your living room roar as David is once again misunderstood – he didn’t want to catch her cold!


Seriously, due to the culture’s climate on transgender equality, it’s one of the funniest scenes I think I’ve ever seen on Curb in years. Check out Cox’s cameo on the series in the short clips above and below – and make sure to catch Curb Your Enthusiasm every Sunday on HBO.

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