Late Wintour – ‘Pose’ Star Dyllón Burnside Celebrates Earth Day

While we wait to see what the final season of Pose brings the newly anointed Ricky Wintour, his portrayer Dyllón Burnside is celebrating the simple things. He recently celebrated Earth Day, simply posting on Instagram “I’m my happiest outside” with a smoldering Earth Day mood board of glistening exterior shots of Burnside, soaking up the sun. 


One of the most eagerly anticipated storylines of the final season of Ryan Muprhy’s landmark drama celebrating ballroom culture is the one that showcases Ricky’s burgeoning romance with Billy Porter’s effervescent Pray Tell. As HIV/AIDS unspools within the LGBT community, it is sure to offer complications to this initially unexpected, but crucially important storyline. 

Burnside spent some of the downtime prior to filming the final season of Pose exploring other areas, and released the single ‘Silence’ last summer. Exploring this new avenue was daunting, with Burnside telling WOW Report at the time “It is scary, I am talking about my personal life and the things that are going on in my inner life and being super personal. Putting that on display for people is always a terrifying exercise in vulnerability I also feel that this is the work that I was called to do, so I am empowered by it. People have responded to the song and sent lots of encouraging messages that the song speaks to where they are right now…”

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