Latrice Royale Shares Milestone Anniversary On Her Instagram!

Even though Latrice Royale has not been on RuPaul's Drag Race in five years, she still remains one of the most popular drag queens to ever come out of the wildly popular reality competition program.

What made her so unbelievably lovable in both season four and her appearance on the first All Stars season was her wonderful personality, hysterical laugh, and her ability to be open about her life and be there for the other queens who were going through a tough time.

Something she brought up in the very first episode of Season 4 was that she was incarcerated for a period of time in her life, and how difficult it was.  To add insult to injury, she was behind bars when her own mother passed away.  Instantly, we fell in love with Latrice for her openness about a tough situation and her ability to move on from what she went through.

Latrice just shared a poignant post on her Instagram this morning, celebrating ten years since she was released from prison!  She says in the post "Today I celebrate my 10 year anniversary of my release from #prison! I am proud to be able to look back and know with all of my heart that I didn’t disappoint the people who believed in me. I’m working hard everyday to continue to #makethemeatit #keepreaching Love you all."

Love you too, Latrice!  Congrats on all your success! 

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