Laverne Cox Makes You Eat Cake with New Song

Just when you thought she had done it all, actress and activist Laverne Cox has released a song to add to her repertoire. Cox’s song Beat for the Gods is a punchy, upbeat dance anthem that is perfect for voguing and death drops. Just take the video, for example, which depicts dancers contorting every which way as they pay homage to Marie Antoinette-esque fashions and boxers preparing for a match.

Let them eat cake? They’re famish!

This is simply a passion project for Cox who doesn’t expect to be a pop star or come out with a full album—but who knows? Maybe she’ll give the people what they really want.

So next time you’re getting that mug ready for a night out on the town, blast this bop cuz category is: Get your life–Yas God, Honey!




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