Lea Michele Kills Us With Saddest Musical Cover Ever

Stop it, Lea. Just stop it!

The actress who plays Rachel Berry on "Glee" has recorded a cover of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" and it is almost too much to handle for a Monday. The "Farewell To Finn" episode titled "The Quarterback" airs this coming Thursday on FOX memorializing Michele's on and off-screen love, Cory Monteith.

Give it a listen below and have two boxes of tissue ready:





If you can still see your computer monitor through your tears, check the promo for the upcoming episode below:





RIP, Cory.


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5 thoughts on “Lea Michele Kills Us With Saddest Musical Cover Ever”

  1. Honey my heart goes out to

    Honey my heart goes out to you. You two where tremedous together terrible waste of a life and god given talent

  2. This is an absolutely

    This is an absolutely beautiful cover.  You can hear the emotion in her voice and you can feel the love she poured into this song.  She's always an amazing singer, but this right here just happens to solidify the reasons that I lover her as a singer.

  3. This Thursday — in 3 1/2

    This Thursday — in 3 1/2 days –  willl be the hardest show to ever watch — but i urge everyone and anyone who is a Gleek and even if your not — please show the networks how much this show means to us — your challenge – for 1 night – turn off everything you own – laptops, i pads, phones and just watch Glee this one time all across the country — let's make a statement and show Corey and Glee how much they are loved by the world…heart ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

    • I see a few problems with

      I see a few problems with this:

      1. Ratings are not just done by Nielsen families any more. Networks and advertisers see the buzz their programs are having on Twitter. If you want to boost the ratings for Glee this week, your solution is not to turn off everything. It is to live Tweet the episode using some sort of Gleek-approved hashtag.
      2. The morons behind Glee are not memorializing Corey with the way this episode is going. The tasteful way to do that is to end the episode with a little black screen that says "In Loving Memory of Corey Monteith", perhaps with a little inspirational description of him and then his date of birth and date of death. There are a million ways to write a character out of a show. But to mirror the actor's real death, forcing the cast who are grieving to a) live that grief on screen and b) relive that grief over and over each take and then again when the episode airs — that's pretty sick. The fact they're using this as a selling point for the episode shows they really don't give a rat's ass about anything except milking Corey's death for all the money it's worth. You really should NOT watch this episode, at least not while they're checking the ratings.
  4. OMG !! – Lea you are amazing

    OMG !! – Lea you are amazing – you can hear how much she really loved Corey as a true friend.  Great Job Lea — my prayers are with Corey, his family,, and all the Glee cast at this difficult time.


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