Lee Pace on His Strikingly Sexy Fashion Statement

If there’s anything about Lee Pace, it’s that he’s not afraid to push the boundaries, even when it comes to his choices in fashion. 

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For instance, he showed up at the Thom Browne haute couture show wearing an eye-catching outfit that he pulled off incredibly well. The 44-year-old American actor wore a dark grey suit vest on top of a sleeveless button-up shirt. 


Along with those, he wore a matching dark grey suit shorts, and finished his striking look with a white and red printed jacket suit. In a recent interview with GQ, Pace said that he is “still learning” when it comes to fashion.

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“I don’t really know the boundaries of getting dressed, or if there even are any,” he stated.

He also mentioned his V sexy leather outfit, which he wore at the ‘Foundation’ Season 2 premiere carpet event, expressing:


“That leather look last week just felt sexy. I felt sexy.”

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The said outfit showed off the actor’s toned muscles, and more exposed skin was not needed to label it super sexy, as he was rocking it with so much confidence. <3 However, Pace also admitted that he wasn’t always this “comfortable” in experimenting with fashion.

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“When I was younger, you definitely felt like men were prescribed a certain way of dressing and you didn’t really deviate from the example sets,” he recalled.

The actor further expressed,

“Times have changed a bit since then, you know, and the world recognizes that there’s not just one kind of man out there.”

Moreover, Pace’s ‘Foundation’ Season 2 is set to return on Apple TV+ on July 14. In the meantime, you can watch the official trailer here:

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  1. I remember a couple years ago him saying something like it’s 2020 and we still don’t know what being out and gay will do to an actors career. I’m glad more and more actors musicians etc are coming out as gay. One day soon I hope it won’t damage anyone’s career for being honest and truthful about being gay.


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