Lee Pace Spills the Tea on His Naked Fight Scene in ‘Foundation’ S2

Apple TV+ recently dropped a clip from the upcoming second season of ‘Foundation,’ and it just so happens to involve a very naked Lee Pace in the middle of an intense fight scene…

(c) Instagram: @leeepfrog

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 44-year-old out actor spilled the tea on his naked fight scene, which shows off his muscly physique. 


“I was pretty naked,” he revealed to the outlet.

Pace continued,

“You know, I don’t mind being [naked]. It’s a crowded set of people, so I’m not gonna be obnoxious about it. But also, I’m not gonna go through a whole thing of slipping on shorts between every take.”

(c) Instagram: @leeepfrog

“I was definitely wearing something, but it’s not a big deal. It’s just a body. That’s my feeling about it,” he added.

Moreover, the sneak peek video starts off with Pace’s character Cleon, also known as Brother Day, having a sensual moment with his robot aid Eto. Their intimate moment in bed is then interrupted by assassins, which leads to said naked fight scene.

‘Foundation’ is based on American writer Isaac Asimov’s novel series of the same title, which “tells the story of a group of exiles’ attempt to save humanity and rebuild civilization during the fall of the Galactic Empire,” as per People.

‘Foundation’ Season 2 is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on July 14. In the meantime, you can watch Pace’s naked fight scene clip here:

Source: people.com

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