Lena Dunham Calls Out Airline For Transphobic Comments

Proud ally Lena Dunham called out American Airlines on Twitter for their disrespect of the trans community during a conversation she overheard between two flight attendants.



The creator and star of Girls was waiting for a delayed flight at JFK when she overheard the transphobic conversation.



Lena sent a direct message to American Airlines with her concerns for the way the airline was expressing hate in public.




And American Airlines responded:



Way to stand up, Lena! Hopefully American Airlines gets to the bottom of their transphobic staff.

Also, thanks for sharing this awkward photo of you at the airport. P.S. We miss Hannah!



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  1. I have a few questions for Ms

    I have a few questions for Ms. Dunham:  Did she attempt to engage these American Airlines employees?  Was she rebuffed and disrespected?  Did she see these two uniformed employees mistreat a transgendered customer?  If the answer to any of these is "No," then I believe she chose the forum to express herself.  The two employees were having a private conversation (one that I too find distasteful).  However, they were not on twitter or instagram or facebook or another other public social medium.  Furthermore, Ms. Dunham was not a part of this conversation even though it was in the public nor did she attempt to become part of it to try and change their minds.  She was eavesdropping.  Instead of trying to challenge their prejudices, she chose to publicly shame these two people and call them out much like a modern day Inquisition.

    For us liberals, this entire "call out" culture is hurting us and our causes more than we care to admit.  It turns more people off to our arguments and beliefs.  Here's an interesting article from The Atlantic regarding this:


    It looks like the only things that will come of this incident is some much needed publicity for Lena Dunham and the stroking of smug liberals' superiority complexes. 


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