Lenny Kravitz’s Abs, Magic Mike, And Cowboy Time

Sharing some of our favorite Instagrams from the week. First up, lotsย of folks took in the Folsom Street #MegaHood2021 event:

Lenny Kravitz and his abs broke the Internet. The rocker said he’s “just trying to get in the next ‘Magic Mike’ movie.”

Speaking of ‘Magic Mike,’ this is how the hotties in the Las Vegas live show take their bows while the hostess rides a flying unicorn:

Ricky Martin rocked Chi-Town with his new tour:

Ben Zerbst played tennis is Las Vegas:

Antony Tran and his pecs got some sun out in the field:

Bremen Menelli is bringing some serious drone game to the table:

U.S. Marine Tyler Valenzia was hanging around:

Michael (aka Blacktain_America93) got his pump on for Chicago Pride:

Texas Beouf is living the American dream:

Shomari Francis was feeling fly:

Alex Tikas remembered the first time he kissed his boo, Ruben Rod:


And cowboy hats were a popular theme this week on the Gram of Insta. #SaveAHorse

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