Leo Forte Dishes on Relevancy & Elasticity in the Adult Industry

Credit: Leo Forte

Leo Forte checks off many boxes when it comes to being a successful porn star. He’s excelled in several different parts of the industry in terms of the kinds of films he performs and directs in all while keeping his career afloat a decade after we first witnessed just how talented he really is.

The shock and surprise value to his work are unmatched. Leo’s kept his audience captivated in movies that are the definition of the word fetish. From wrestling to fist f***king, chances are he has you covered in this field as your imagination runs wild with each scene he comes out with.

Credit: Leo Forte

The Las Vegas mainstay, which appears to be porn’s newest capital for filming and producing, chatted with Instinct in a near hour-long conversation about his illustrious time in the spotlight.

He spoke about everything from how it began, his favorite scenes, crazy moments on and off set and so much more in our eye-popping conversation.

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