Lesbian Couple Harassed Over Kiss

Terri-Ann Metcalfe and Alice Bowerman were harassed at a Turkish restaurant after sharing an innocent kiss during their date. Image via BBC.

Lesbian couple Terri-Ann Metcalfe and Alice Bowerman were harassed and objectified after kissing each other in a Turkish restaurant, according to Pink News.

The incident took place at 3:30 AM in a restaurant called Marmaris in Nottingham, England. Bowerman shared that it was just a normal kiss and nothing out of the ordinary, just a simple kiss that any couple would engage in on a night out. The restaurant staff didn’t seem to think it was very normal, however, as some staff members said that they “don’t want to see that here” and that there are families there could have seen the two kissing. When asked if the staff would have said the same thing to a heterosexual couple, they responded with that they wouldn’t because heterosexual couples kissing is “normal.” It’s the same old song and dance – telling gay people that their existence is abnormal as a way to dehumanize them. The owner of the restaurant felt differently about the kiss, as he said “I like to see girls kiss.” Another old song and dance: straight men sexualizing lesbians for doing something as innocent as kissing. The Nottinghamshire police have said that they’re investigating this incident and wishes that the couple receives the support that they deserve. 

 Even after this unacceptable treatment, the couple is not afraid to show affection towards each other in public, with Bowerman saying “While there are people out there like this we will always need Pride to educate people… Discrimination against anyone is never acceptable and should never be tolerated.” I definitely agree with this statement; while homophobes exist and will probably always continue to exist, LGBT people should never feel that they have to hide who they are to appease some bigots. Unfortunately this may not be the wisest strategy in certain places, but hopefully, things will get better. 

Source: Pink News

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