Leslie Jones Implodes Into Hysterics After Receiving a Message From RuPaul

Leslie Jones pretty much lost her damn mind after RuPaul surprised her with a special message on Access Live.

The hilarious comedian and actress appeared on the hit pop culture show to discuss her surprise second Emmy nomination for her work on the variety series Saturday Night Live. Little did she know what co-hosts Kit Hoover, Scott Evans and Bryan Safi had in store for her.

"Before we get to our game here, we have a special message," KIt said to Emmy nominee. "I did some work for you Leslie… a special message from a friend for you. Here it is." 

The camera then went directly to a taped message from RuPaul himself, who told Leslie how badly he wanted her on RPDR. “Leslie girl, you’ve got to get up on this show. We’ve got your seat waiting, honey!” he told Leslie. “Leslie Joooooones on the drag race!” After that was done, she went into a ton of hysterics that was nothing short of incredible to watch.

'OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD!" she screamed. "Oh no, y'all don't understand: oh my god y'all got to send me that clip!" 

"Did you see how pretty she was? Oh my god, did you see how beautiful she was?,:" Leslie continued. So will she accept Ru's invitation to be on a future episode of RPDR? 

"Oh my god, yes!” she told them. “Me and RuPaul are supposed to be together!” 

Watch it all go down below: 

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  1. Talk about fake news! Leslie

    Talk about fake news! Leslie Jones is not hilarious…neither as a comedian nor as an actress. She was dreadful in the Ghostbusters re-boot and regularly flubs lines (though she's obviously reading cue cards) on SNL.

    While I'm commenting, why use actress, but not comedienne? (Shouldn't it be comedienne and actress, or comedian and actor?)


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