Let Me Tell You Something About The Manzo Brothers-They’re Coming To Asbury Park NJ With A Brand New Business Venture

Since The Real Housewives of New Jersey and the subsequent (and less-dramatic) spin off Manzo’d With Children, the brothers Manzo (Albie and Chris) have done everything from children’s book writing (Chris wrote the uber-adorable Oliver Brightside-You Don’t Want That Penny), to podcasting (Albie & Chris host the ultra popular Dear Albie podcast, giving listeners a peek into all things Manzo, as well as some visits from “Don” (aka Caroline Manzo herself) and sister Lauren Manzo. Now, the boys have decided to head down to the Jersey Shore for a brand new, yet familiar type of family collaboration. Page Six reports that they’ve partnered with the famed Asbury Park’s Berkeley Oceanfront hotel to redo the venue’s catering space, their vast outdoor terrace, as well as the poolside bar and lounge. Work on a restaurant will come later, which will feature both indoor and outdoor dining. 


We’re honored to be a part of revitalizing one of the Jersey Shore’s longest-standing and iconic hotels,” Albie told Page Six. “We’ve been given creative license to transform The Berkeley’s venues into something truly unique, combining our love for hospitality and our years at the Brownstone. We’re excited to share our vision with travelers headed to the Shore this summer and beyond.” Already, Albie Manzo is getting his feet wet diving into the history of Asbury Park, snapping this shot from inside the famed Convention Hall on the Asbury Park boardwalk. 



The Manzo brothers are stepping into a city that is rich in LGBT history, crediting the LGBT community with bringing Asbury Park to its former glory. Paradise helped make Asbury Park into an LGBT destination, with other businesses like Watermark and The Asbury holding events geared to the LGBT community. 

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