Let Shawn Hollenbach and Shea Couleé Help You on National Selfie Day


Today, June 21, is National Selfie Day! It’s that one day a year where you can embrace your massive ego to its fullest with every snap you take.

Singer and actor Shawn Hollenbach and RuPaul’s Drag Race legend Shea Couleé have teamed up to celebrate this self-absorbed holiday with a hilarious and sexy new video called “Double Filter Face.”


Shawn and Shea are helping those who need twice the help with their selfies… hence a Double Filter Face. The song has similiarities to the Chainsmokers hit “Selfie”, only with an educational standpoint on how to take the best snap no matter what time of day, how you look, or mood you are in.

Shawn hits us with the vocals throughout the track while Shea comes in towards the end with a verse reminiscent of Madonna‘s “Vogue”. 

It’s silly, funny and not meant to be taken seriously at all which is perfect for a day like this. Kudos to Shawn and Shea for also highlighting men and women with different body types as this writer is all about body positivity.


Shawn is a Webby Award Winner who can currently be seen in The Mortified Guide on Netflix and was the host of A+E Networks’ BTWN2FLRS. He also produces and hosts a live show and podcast called Closet Cases.

Closet Cases has been named a Top LGBTQ Podcast for Millennials featuring spectacular talent like Willam Belli (from the award winning film A Star is Born and RuPaul’s Drag Season 4).

He also wrote and sang LogoTV’s first viral video, Twerk Your Turkey, named a Best Song that Will Make You Laugh on Thanksgiving. His upcoming singles are “I am a House Hunter, Baby, “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice (Say It on the Internet)”, “Masculiné”, “Look Up”, and “FabuLESS”.

More on Shawn here.

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