Let’s Catch Up with ‘The A-List: New York’s Ródiney Santiago

Ródiney Santiago is known for starring in the reality TV show ‘The A-List: New York’, which follows the lives of six elite gay men in Manhattan.

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After the iconic show concluded in 2011, the Brazilian model appeared in the 2014 indie film ‘More Scenes from a Gay Marriage’. He also starred as ‘Drag Race’ alum Blair St. Clair’s love interest in her “Easy Love” music video.


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At the age of 41, Santiago is able to maintain a fit physique, and still slaying the modeling game under Elite Models. Not to mention, his Instagram feed is graced with stunning, dashing and thirst-worthy pics while also sharing positive affirmations.

“Normalize being ok with letting people think what they want about you. The idea that we’re going to be liked, validated, or accepted by everyone is an illusion. Our peace, mental health and happiness is more important than other people’s perceptions, opinions, or approval of us,” the model wrote in one of his Instagram captions.

Another one reads:


“Rather than staying stuck in negative patterns, you can do something out of your normal routine that completely interrupts your comfortable habits. Rather than stay stuck at your desk, or sitting feeling sorry for yourself… Take action!”

Also, let’s admire more of his latest hot pics, shall we? 😉

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(c) Instagram: @rodineysantiago

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  1. I’m not sure if The A List NY was the first trashy gay reality show but I believe it was the first one I watched and I know I might be one of the few who likes them but I have to admit I do.


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