Let’s Talk About ‘Riverdale’ Stars KJ Apa & Charles Melton’s Closeness

‘Riverdale’ has come to an eventful conclusion after its run from 2017 to 2023, and it left the viewers with a plethora of emotions, as well as a whole lotta ships featuring different characters.

One of those ships is KJ Apa and Charles Melton, who plays the characters of 
Archie Andrews and Reggie Mantle respectively. Throughout the years of working together on the show, the cast of ‘Riverdale’ seem to have developed a close bond, and the two actors were no exception.

In fact, the internet is a testament to their bromance, and here are some of their ship-worthy moments, ’cause why not?


Starting off with a simple selfie with Apa and Melton in character <3

(c) Twitter: @FilmUpdates

We then have these photos of the two being all silly at the premiere of the 2020 film ‘I Still Believe’, which is starring Apa and Britt Robertson.


Throwing in a random behind-the-scenes clip posted by their ‘Riverdale’ co-star Lili Reinhart:


Also, here’s a clip of Apa’s Archie and Melton’s Reggie watching a V gay “wrestling” video 😉

Now, we move on to probably the most iconic photo of the two dressed up as Josie’s Pussycats…



We’ll definitely miss Apa and Melton’s dynamic on and off-screen, but we can always see them in ‘Riverdale’, which is available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: intomore.com

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