Let’s Thirst Some More Over That Hot Dentist From the Viral Dance Video

I was perusing my social media a couple of days ago when I came across a video of a superbly handsome man doing the Shiggy dance to Drake's number one hit song "In My Feelings."

For those unfamiliar with the latest craze to hit the internet, let me explain. Shiggy, who is an internet personality, created a somewhat choreographed version of "In My Feelings" that has gotten six million views on his Instagram page alone. See here for instructions on how to do it:

Since then, several major celebrities have joined in on the fun including Will SmithCiara, Russell Wilson and many more. 

Then there was this guy: Dr. Rich Constantine who is a dentist at Constantine Dental in Greenville, South Carolina, who posted a video of himself doing it much to the adoration and thirst of millions.

Now Dr. Rich is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame from all of this, as he appeared on Good Morning America to discuss how big this has gotten for him. 

“It was surreal! I've never seen anything like that before. I've maybe gotten a couple thousand views before at best. That's it. Never expected anything like this,” he said in an interview with GMA on Monday. “I thought a few people in Greenville, South Carolina, might see it, and a few of my friends and family members. But I had no idea that it would get legs like it did and take off."

Sadly, he's married, but still one of the foxiest doctors out there, and the pics below prove that and then some. So if you ever find yourself in South Carolina and need a good drilling (hehe), then try to hit up Dr. Rich for his expertise.
















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