Rugby Star Levi Davis Comes Out As Bisexual: ‘I Had Hidden It Well’

Credit: Levi Davis Instagram

Levi Davis, who spent years playing for the Bath Rugby team across the pond, has officially come out as bisexual. In doing so he becomes the first professional out bisexual rugby star to ever hit the league. 

The 22-year-old revealed his story in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail earlier this week where he discussed the interesting way he told his teammates about his sexuality.


“I had hidden it well but I couldn’t keep it secret any longer,” he said. “I had to tell them, all of them, not just a few. I didn’t want it to turn into Chinese whispers. So on the spur of the moment, I put it on our WhatsApp group.”

He received nothing but support from many of them after making the bold decision. “And then they began taking the piss in a good-natured way, which I was relieved about. If they had been too tender-hearted, I would have been worried. I’m still a rugby player, after all.”


Levi also discussed how he felt the need to overcompensate for his manliness in order to remain in the closet about his truth. “I felt I needed to be this macho man, which I still am, but it felt like I needed to reinforce this more.”

His claim to fame goes beyond sports as Levi also participated in The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 alongside fellow seasoned rugby union players Thom Evans and Ben Foden. The entertainment business is filled with members of the LGBTQ community however the sports world is still lacking when it comes to its stars being out and proud.

“There are definitely others out there in rugby,” he said. Levi is joined by a handful of players in his particular profession who openly identify as LGBTQ including Keegan Hirst and Ian Roberts

Ultimately his decision to come out as bi has been great for him at this stage in his life. “At this moment in time, I feel so free. I am really, really happy that this is coming out and I can be myself.” 

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