Levonia Ciccone Has A Pointed Message For 2020-‘She’s Canceled’!

2020 was a year that not too many people were saddened to see come to an end, and that includes songstress/provocateur Levonia Ciccone. To celebrate the end of 2020, Ciccone has taken it one step further and dropped the 90’s infused house track ‘She’s Canceled’, complete with a guest appearance courtesy of La Lopez. The track touches on the topic of cancel culture today, while at the same time, bidding a prompt & clever farewell to 2020. 

Photo Courtesy of Levonia Jenkins (Facebook)

Based on a text between James Andersen and the creator of Levonia (humorist and writer Greg Scarnici), ‘She’s Canceled’ touches on the culture of everything 2020, from BLM to TikTok the outgoing leader of the country, but with Ciccone’s signature sass firmly front and center. The video is a bi-coastal production, with filming at locations such as The High Line in New York City and Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Ciccone’s ever-present fur and daring fashion choices are ever-present, including Ciccone’s version of a face-kini, a head to toe Spider Man costume! 


In a nod to all things retro, the lead single ‘So C*nt’ is available as a pink cassingle! It features not just the original version, but a freestyle remix, a @dj_lorant remix, and the B-sides, (‘She’s Canceled’, ‘Own It’ & ‘Werk and Serve and Face’.)

‘She’s Canceled’ is the B-side off the cassingle, ‘So C*nt’, available on https://gregscarnici.com/shop.html

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