LGBT Couple Makes People’s List Of 17 Celebrity Weddings We Fell Head-Over-Heels in Love With In 2016

The wedding of two of the stars of the Pitch Perfect movie series made the list, but what other couples were honored?

I'm not sure how People Magazine came up with its 17 Celebrity Weddings We Fell Head-Over-Heels in Love with in 2016 but we're liking that one of Instinct's favorite couples made the list.  We've covered their romance since it went viral, but now all the People readers get to see this great couple.

We first saw them when ABC News Correspondent Gio Benitez Proposed To Boyfriend Tommy DiDario In Paris.  We had seen Gio on ABC for a while and knew he was a catch, but then here comes Tommy and there are catches everywhere.  It was very easy to follow them when Gio Benitez & Fiance Tommy DiDario Vacationed In Hawaii. We became good Facebook friends with the very warm and welcoming couple and were so jealous of their excursion to the Jurassic series film sets while they looks sexy and smashing.

We so wanted to be there when ABC’s Gio Benitez Married Fiancé Tommy DiDario In Miami, but apparently our invitation was missing in the mail.  We were so free on April 16th when the couple tied the knot on an old avocado orchard in Miami, Florida. 

With the LGBT population being a conservative 4%, it is great when we see such great displays of our same love on well followed lists.  And we of course try to share glorious stories that come across our path, too. We covered another great telling of best weddings back in August when we posted Three LGBT Weddings Featured In 50 Best Weddings List. Newlyweds Want Us To Know, "If We Can Have This Happiness, Others Can, Too"  and last year June we shared Gay Boys Everywhere Can Now Dream Of Their Own Fairy Tale Wedding. Here's Two To Get Those Dreams Started.

Let's hope that love is love and marriage equality remains for as much as w like to point out when we make the lists, we also would love the day when LGBT couples are not deserving applause because they are different, but because they are the same.


h/t:  People Magazine

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