LGBT Folks & Our Allies Want To Make Sure You Get Out And Vote

Update: Music and film legend Barbra Streisand has issued a robocall speaking directly to LGBTQ Americans urging them to vote:

“Hi, this is Barbra Streisand. Tuesday is a critical election for LGBTQ people and all marginalized communities. And I’m working with GLAAD to help ensure the largest turnout ever of LGBTQ and ally voters in a midterm election. Tomorrow, I hope you will join me at the polls to send a strong message that America is better when we stand together. Go to to get information about how to vote in your state, and let’s make history together.”



On the eve of the 2018 midterm elections, LGBT folks and allies from the worlds of politics, movies, music, theater and television are urging people to get out and vote.

We’ve already covered the cast of Will & Grace sharing a PSA about getting out the vote here.

And, of course, gay porn stars Bruce Beckham, Jason Vario, and Austin Wolf offered their own GOTV appeal here.

But wait – there’s more!

Oscar winner Sally Field, whose birthday lands on Election Day this year, tweeted her request for “one great big gift” from her followers and that’s to vote – “Like our lives depend on it. Because they do.”





Her openly gay son, Sam Greisman, chimed in with the request sharing, “Please vote. Cuz I didn’t get her anything.”



Rupaul’s Drag Race star Latrice Royale told her 641,000 fans on Instagram to vote because she can’t due to having served time in prison for a mistake. A mistake she says she’d paid for.

“I made a mistake, I paid for my crime, I pay my taxes, I spread love not hate,” Royale wrote.

“I am my best self to date [but] I DON’T HAVE MY RIGHT TO VOTE!” She continued. “I urge ALL THAT HAVE A VOICE, PLEASE VOTE! Speak for people like me who can’t!”



And then there’s political satirist Randy Rainbow, who’s become the darling of Democrats by offering his own musical twists on modern and classic Broadway tunes with updated lyrics.

Today, Rainbow riffs on “What Is This Feeling?” from the blockbuster musical Wicked telling he wants his fans out on Election Day “Voting.”

“Good luck at the polls tomorrow, everyone,” writes Rainbow. “May the Schwartz be with you!” he adds intoning the name of the show’s composer/lyricist, Stephen Schwartz.

Watch below. And then make sure you get out and vote!



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