LGBT Network President Calls for Long Island Hate Crime Investigation & Increased Patrols


LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK (October 30, 2018) – David Kilmnick, President/CEO of LGBT Network has called on Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini and Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart to launch an investigation into campaign signs for Perry Gershon  that have been defaced throughout Suffolk County with anti-gay rhetoric. The signs for the challenger in the 1st Congressional District read “Baby Killer” on top and “Gay Lover” below Mr. Gershon’s name in an apparent attempt to win support for Congressman Lee Zeldin.


Kilmnick has also called on Congressman Zeldin to publicly denounce these hateful signs and demand that his campaign staff and supporters cease this dangerous tactic of spreading hate rhetoric and help to remove every single one of them throughout the 1st Congressional district.

“Supporters of Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin have shown their true colors by defacing lawn signs with anti-gay rhetoric. We are not even 72 hours removed from the deadliest anti-Semitic attacks in American history on the Jewish community and it is unconscionable that these signs displaying hate toward the LGBT community would appear throughout Suffolk County. This incident continues an onslaught by Republican candidates on the LGBT community over the past few months. It is imperative that Congressman Zeldin immediately denounce these hate filled signs and immediately cease this tactic that incites violence and results in people being hurt and killed”.

With this past weekend’s horrific and frightening tragedy at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, we must take extra precaution to protect all our families, especially with all the hate that is being spewed from President Trump and supporters of Congressman Lee Zeldin. We are requesting increased patrols at all of LGBT Network’s community centers on Long Island in Bay Shore, Sag Harbor and Woodbury and for the Suffolk County Police Commissioner and Suffolk County DA’s office to launch an investigation into these hate crimes.

There’s been a call to tone down the rhetoric; that’s not enough. It must stop altogether. Hate breeds violence and kills and we are better than that as a country. I am hopeful that in a week we will use all the anger and fear we have and speak with our voices and change this nation around for the better with a powerful message that hate has no place in our country.

Article was reprinted pre request for IMMEDIATE RELEASE from NEW YORK LGBT NETWORK

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  1. Vote republican ! Not for

    Vote republican ! Not for Democrats like Maxine Waters who snuggle up to homophobic anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan.


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